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Privacy Policy:
By continuing to use this site, you understand and agree to the terms of this policy.

All visitors to the Website:
During your visit to our website, we only collect personal information that you choose to provide us with.
Unregistered Users and Users not Logged In, will of course be free to browse without any personal information being asked for.
To register with the website or to make online purchases from the site, will require asking for and collecting relative information for both your and our needs.
We do not sell, rent or share information about our customers to third parties, other than for online purchases where relevant information will be submitted to our Secure Online Payments Provider 'SagePay', using secure socket layer (SSL) technology; and where we are legally bound to do so.

We may use the information provided by you in the following ways:
To help authenticate your logon and allow you the appropriate access.
(Ensuring correct authentication helps prevent Unauthorised downloading of material against your user account)
To administer any account you may have with us.
To provide you with your purchases and/or downloads.
To reply to any queries and/or requests you may have.
To be able to communicate with you by Postal Mail, Email or Telephone.

Registered Users:
For Registered Users we will require, a Contact Name, Company Name, Company Address, Email Address and Contact Phone Number.
The IP Address from where you registered will also be collected, as this will be used to help safeguard both yourself and us from unlawfull use of your Account Logon Details.
Your Details will be submitted to us, using secure socket layer (SSL) technology.
This information will be retained, until such a time when you may no longer wish to be a registered user of our website.
In this event, simply contact our office requesting that your user account be withdrawn.
All information against your user account will be deleted, only records of material you have previously downloaded will be kept for internal use as aggregate data.
Aggregate data will not identify an individual person.

Online Purchases:
In the case of online purchases, a Contact Name, Billing Name, Billing and Delivery Addresses will be asked for.
We do not take any Card Details from you, these will be asked for when we submit your purchase details to our Secure Online Payments Provider 'SagePay'.
In an effort to ensure your online security, the only information we keep are records of the items purchased, their total costs, items paid or unpaid, the sales transaction reference, Company Name and a Contact Name.
All personal information relating to your purchase is encrypted before being submitted to our Secure Online Payments Provider 'SagePay', using secure socket layer (SSL) technology.

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